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Why Rocks?

I have always thought that stones had souls. During my walks on the beach as ‘rock hunter’ I came across incredible shapes, molded by water over the years. It’s exciting, there’s something magical about my collaboration with Mother Nature. She’s an excellent sculptor that gives me inspiration and new pieces to decorate day after day.


Mammals are perfect models for painting on rocks. Most of them have thick fur and rest in a curled up position. Working with the imagination, I can adapt them to the strangest stones and thus obtain unique artworks. They are appreciated by many collectors and nature lovers all over the world.

Dogs, cats and fawns are painted stones that the public already knows and appreciates, but over the years my bestiary has been enriched with unusual species, painted on supports with bizarre shapes: ranging from dolphins and whales to a wide range of pinnipeds, from pachyderms to primates.

Hand Painted Rock Elephant
Hand Painted Elephant On Stone
Rock Painted Elephant On Stone
Rock Painting Art | Lion
Rock Painting Art Tiger
Hand Painted Rock Cheetah
Bengal Cat Painted On A Rock
Rock Art Puma
Brown Bear Painted On Rock
Badger Painted On A Sea Stone
Hand Painted Panda On Stone
Rock Painting Art | Lesser Panda
Wolf Painted On Rock
Wolf Painting On Stone
Bulldog | Hand Painted Rock For Sale
German Shepherd Portrayed On A Sea Rock
Dog Painted On A Sea Rock
Painted Rock Kitten
Hand Painted Cat On Rock
Cat Portrayed On A Sea Stone
Lemur Hand Painted On A Sea Rock | Stone Art By Rizzo
Rock Painting Art By Roberto Rizzo
Monkey Painted On Rock
Painted Meerkat On Stone
Rock Painting Guinea Pig
Hand Painted Rock Rabbit
Hamster Painted On A Sea Rock
Rock Painted Mouse
Horse Painted On Stone
White Deer Painted On Stone
Walrus Hand Painted On A Sea Stone
Seal Hand Painted On Stone
Dolphin Hand Painted On Stone
Whale Painted On Rock
Whale Painted On Rock
Birds & Reptiles

Painting birds and reptiles on stone is a real challenge and requires great skill. With the exception of nocturnal birds of prey such as owls which have a compact body and are easier to ‘fit’ into the stone, imagination and experience play a fundamental role for all other species.

By letting myself be inspired by natural shapes that were at first sight unusual and uninteresting, I was able to create truly amazing works of art. However, most of them are not only the result of intuition, but also of an in-depth study and knowledge of animal anatomy.

A Wonderfully Shaped Rock Hand Painted As A Bird
Rock Painted Pink Flamingo
White Pelican Hand Painted On A Rock With Acrylics
Stunning Hawk Painted On An Incredibly Shaped Sea Stone
Lifelike Red Macaw Hand Painted On A Sea Rock
Bird Painting On Rock
Painted Stones With Birds By Rizzo
Rock Painted Peacock In Acrylic
Bobwhite Quail Painted On A Rock
Fine Art On Rocks Mandarin Duck
Rock Painted Mallard
Goldfinch Painted On Stone
Three Sea Pebbles Turnd Into A Penguin Family
Rock Painting Art | Owls
Stunning Owls Hand Painted On Rocks
Rock Painting Art By Roberto Rizzo
Snowy Owl Painted On Stone
Chameleon Hand Painted On A Wonderfully Shaped Sea Rock
Hand Painted Lizard On A Rock
Unique Snake Painted On A Very Rare Sea Pebble
Hand Painted Rock Tortoise
Sea Turtle Hand Painted On A Natural Sea Rock
Box Turtle Hand Painted On A Pebble
Hand Painted Sea Turtle On A Pebble
Amphibians, Fishes & Invertebrates

Suitable rocks for fishes are quite rare, but when I am lucky enough to find one, I can’t wait to get to work! In the last few years I have painted a myriad of species, from the colorful creatures that inhabit coral reefs to those found in the Mediterranean.

For amphibians and invertebrates the difficulties are similar and suitable rocks even more rare. However, by portraying them as if they were ‘resting’ on stone and studying the shadows under their bodies, it is possible to obtain surprising 3-D effects and bring an infinite number of subjects to life.

Rock Painting Art
Painted Rocks By Rizzo
Hand Painted Stones For Sale
Hand Painted Rock With A Golden Frog
Tiger Salamander Painting
Angelfish Painting On Stone
Clownfish Hand Painted On A Sea Rock
Hand Painted Pebbles With Fishes
Grouper Painted On Stone Rock Painting Art By Rizzo
White Shark Painting Rock
Snapper Hand Painted With Acrylics On A Sea Rock
Anchovy Painted On A Pebble
Monarch Butterfly Painted On Rock
Papilio Glaucus Painted On Rock
Painted Stone Butterfly
Orange Butterfly Painted On A Flat Rock
Rock Painted Monarch Butterfly
Peacock Butterfly Hand Painted On Stone
Horsefly Hand Painted On Stone
Rock Painted Snail
Octopus Painted On Rock
A Bit of History

I first met the magic of rock painting art in 1996. I was working as an illustrator for various publishing houses, and I painted mainly with watercolor. This technique made me explore the potential of acrylic that is currently my favorite medium.

How to Purchase?

Prices depend on complexity, size, processing times and uniqueness of the item. My rocks are painted on all sides and covered with a matt paint to protect them. Artworks are all signed and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

During my artistic activity I created thousands of creatures of all shapes and sizes. I don’t only paint animals, but they are by far my favorite subjects, because painting them literally helps me bring inanimate mineral matters to life.

Each of my artworks is unique, and the rocks I use are not processed. I honor every hole or imperfection Mother Nature has carried out in decades. Moreover, I try to exploit it through my drawings with nuances, light and shade effects.

What I Offer?

In the last few years the rock painting art has achieved a great success around the world and many fans of this technique have decided to share their works online and sell them through shopping channels. However, it’s important to distinguish between the work of a professional artist and a hobbyist.


You see when a work is done in the finest way. I work with passion and I always offer a top quality.


30 years of experience as visual artist, exhibitions all over Europe and 5-star customer reviews.


All my artworks are unique hand painted pieces, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Barn Owl Painting
Hand painted rock owls
F. A. Q.
Click for Answers!

There are many gathering places throughout Southern Europe, but you have to avoid national parks and protected areas. I prefer the beaches and marine stones, but also along the course of rivers and streams, one can encounter forms of extraordinary beauty.

Yes, in most cases. Other times I choose a stone for its intriguing form and decide only later what it will turn out to be.

No, the stones are not processed, every hole or defect that has been created spontaneously it is respected and I even try to enhance it through design, shades and chiaroscuro. In most of the cases, I smooth the base to make them more stable.

I use acrylic colors, water-based, odorless and non-toxic.

The time required will vary depending on the size of the stone and the subject. For a stone of about six inches, it takes on average time from 5 to 8 hours.

Yes, a lifetime guarantee if the stone is kept in a covered place. In addition to using high-quality pigments, the work is protected with a glaze of UV satin varnish to protect it against sunlight and dust damage.

Sheltered under a canopy would be better. No varnish could ever protect from the fury of the elements: the long rain, snow, moisture and direct sunlight can cause fading or spoil the artwork.

Yes, they are water resistant and it is advisable to remove any dust deposits using just a soft damped cloth.

No, to be avoided. Even if it is waterproof, this does not mean it can be soaked forever!

Yes, stones are finely painted on both sides, signed and protected with a finishing paint. Exceptions are cases that appear to be ‘leaning’ on the stone such as butterflies. In these cases, I use the bare stone as a base.

Sure. It’s true that the stone makes each piece unique, but if some subjects are no longer available, I can reproduce most of them in a precise way, using slightly different shapes and sizes.

Prices vary according to the size of the rock and of the chosen subject. I invite you to visit my shop to purchase my artworks or fill the contact form for a quote.

Visit this page for info and prices or email me attaching some pictures of your pet. I’ll answer as soon as possible by sending you a detailed quote.

In recent years I have painted on stone really everything: cribs, celebrities, landscapes, flower arrangements, glimpses of small towns, iceberg with penguins, portraits of people and much, much more.

Times may vary due to commissions, but it usually takes me from 15 days to two months and to these you must add delivery times. Please read my terms and conditions for further information.

I ship my artworks worldwide. You can choose a flat rate or a faster one. Please visit my shop for further information.

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ, you can always contact me and I’ll respond asap.

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