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Painted rock cat on commission
Himalayan Cat

I found a big (and heavy) rock to portray this elegant Himalayan cat for my beloved customer Cassandra and I’m very satisfied with the result!

It’s been hard work, but it was worth it. The cat’s body is perfectly proportional. Leave a comment with your impression. Thank you!

Project Details

Date of Creation: October 2017
Medium: acrylic on rock
Dimensions: 10 inches

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  1. I commissioned Roberto to make a rock portrait of a total of 7 kitties, 5 who have passed on to kitty heaven. Every kitty has been dearly loved, and we wanted to commemorate each one.

    I cannot tell you how pleased we are with Roberto’s beautiful work! He paid careful attention to the tiniest detail, and I am just amazed by how accurately he captured each cat’s personality and expression. They look exactly like the real kitties!

    Roberto was also wonderful at communicating, asking questions if he needed to clarify a detail, and responding to requests that we made of him. A talented artist with whom you build a relationship makes the art itself even more special, and Roberto has become an important part of the story of our kitties’ lives and portraits.

    I couldn’t recommend Roberto enough as an artist, and I fully intend to ask him to paint more portraits in the future! I’m already thinking of having him paint some portraits for friends and family as gifts.

    Thank you, Roberto!

    Indianapolis, Indiana

  2. I simply visited Roberto Rizzo’s art work of the Himalayan cat portrayed on rock, and I’m without a doubt impressed by way of the outstanding interest to element and the masterful use of texture and color. The realistic illustration of the cat in opposition to the rugged backdrop is absolutely stunning. Roberto’s Genius shines via in this artwork, and it is a testomony to his talent and creativity. I’m captivated by means of the way he captures the essence of the Himalayan cat in such a special and inventive manner. It’s a authentic work of artwork that deserves grasp and recognition.

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