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Custom Pet Portraits

Pets fill our lives with their presence, by surrounding us with pure and unconditional love. Would you like to portray yours? Do you want to give to someone you care about a very special memory of their faithful four-legged friend? You’re definitely in the right place!

The spirit of your beloved pet will be captured in an incredibly detailed unique piece of art that you will enjoy for a lifetime. I work with passion and love. My goal is to capture not only the likeness, but also expressions and personalities of your dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, parrots, etc.

How Does it Work?

Contact me by attaching some pictures of your pet, possibly in natural light and no blur.

Notify via email the size and the material on which you want your portrait to be painted on.

I will write you an email once the work is done, sending you a photo for your approval.

The painting will be shipped. You will receive a confirmation message and a tracking code.

I advise my clients to make a deposit to secure a place in my commission list. It’s important if you need to receive the artwork by a certain date, because I have many requests from all over the world.

Here below you can find costs and sizes for my portraits on canvas or rocks. Prices updated January 2024. If you require any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time for a fast response.

(scroll down the page again for changes)

Pet Rock Portraits

Full Body

  • 4” (10/11 cm) = $ 196
  • 5” (12/13 cm) = $ 272
  • 6” (15/16 cm) = $ 380
  • 7/8” (18/20 cm) = $ 543
  • 10” (24/25 cm) = $ 760
  • 11/12” (30 cm) = $ 978

Head/Close Up

  • 4” (10/11 cm) = $ 196
  • 5” (12/13 cm) = $ 272
  • 6” (15/16 cm) = $ 380
  • 7/8” (18/20 cm) = $ 543
  • 10” (24/25 cm) = $ 760

Worldwide Shipping

  • from $ 33 to $ 65 (depending on size)
Portraits on Canvas

Head/Close Up

  • 8” x 8” (20 x 20 cm) = $ 304
  • 8” x 12” (20 x 30 cm) = $ 348

Head/Close Up or Full Body

  • 12” x 12” (30 x 30 cm) = $ 434
  • 12” x 16” (30 x 40 cm) = $ 489
  • 16” x 16” (40 x 40 cm) = $ 543
  • 16” x 20” (40 x 50 cm) = $ 652
  • 20” x 20” (50 x 50 cm) = $ 869
  • 20” x 24” (50 x 60 cm) = $ 978
  • 20” x 27” (50 x 70 cm) = $ 1,303
  • 24” x 32” (60 x 80 cm) = $ 1,955
  • 27” x 27” (70 x 70 cm) = $ 1,955

Worldwide Shipping

  • from $ 33 to $ 76 (depending on size)

I have been painting animals for many years. My work is the result of a passion blossomed at an early age that I still carry with undiminished enthusiasm.

My painted rocks are unique and finely decorated on all sides, signed, protected with a finishing varnish. On request, you can customize it with a dedication.

The portraits can also be realized with acrylic on canvas or in pencil and charcoal on paper. Prices vary depending on the support and the chosen size.

It’s the perfect way to create a memorial or gift for yourself, friends or family. Each brush stroke captures the finest of details, for a life-like treasured keepsake.

My portraits are much more than just a copy of your photo, you will get a piece of art with my unique way of capturing the one-of-a-kind expression of your pet.

See testimonials from my fantastic clients and what they are saying about the artwork I created for them. In this page I share some pet portraits I made in recent years.

In addition to dogs and cats, I remind you that it is possible to create custom portraits of every animal: horses, rabbits, parrots, guinea pigs, and even fish!

Portraits on Canvas
Pit Bull Painting
Dog Portrait
Dog Painting On Canvas
Portrait Of A Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog On Canvas
Dog Painting On Commission
Cat Portrait
Commissioned Cat Painting
Painted Cat On Canvas
Cat Painting
Cat Portrait
White Cat Painting
Cat Portrait On Canvas From A Photo
Cat Painting On Canvas
Cats Portrait
Cat Portrait
Rock Painted Cats
Custom Rock Cat Portrait On Commission
Black Cat Painting On Stone
Hand Painted Rock Cat On Commission
Commissioned Painted Rock Cat
Hand Painted Cats On Rocks By Rizzo
White Cat Hand Painted On A Sea Rock
Cat Painting On Rock On Commission
Cat Painting On Stone
Portrait Of A Cat On A Rock From Photo
Persian Cat Painted On A Rock
Rock Art With A Cat Hand Painted On A Stone
Black Cat Painted On Stone With Acrylic
Cat Portrait On A Stone From A Photo
Hand Painted Rock Cat With Acrylic
Pet Rock Portrait On Commission
Multicolored Cat Portrait On A Rock
White Cat Portrait On Commission Painted On Rock
Fine Art Cat Painting On A Rock
Cat Portrait On A Rock
Cat Painting On Commission Made On A Sea Rock
Cat Art Made On Stone With Acrylics
Rock Painted Dogs
Pug Painted On Stone
Commissioned White Dog Portrait On Stone
Dog Paintings On Rocks
Portrait Of A Puppy Hand Painted On Stone
A Dog Portrayed With Acrylics On A Sea Stone
Dog Portrait On A Flat Rock From Photo
Rock Painting Art On Commission Dog
Unique Pet Portrait Made In Acrylic On A Natural Rock
Samoyed Dog Portrait
Painted Rock With A Dog Made On Commission
Rock Painting Art Dog Painted On Stone
Pet Portraits On Sea Rocks
Papillon Hand Painted On A Rock With Acrylics
White Dog Hand Painted On A Rock From Photo
Hand Painted Rock Chihuahua On Commission
White Dog Painted On Rock
Dog Portrayed On A Sea Rock
Painted Rock With A Dog Handmade On A Sea Stone
Black Dog Painting
German Shepherd Portrayed On A Sea Rock With Acrylics
Dog Painting On Commission Made On A Sea Rock
Custom Dog Portrait Made In Acrylic
Black Dog Portrayed On A Stone
Hand Painted Stone With A Dog
Unique Dog Portrait Hand Painted On A Stone
Dog Rock Painting
Unique Dog Portrait Hand Painted On A Stone
Dog Portraits On Sea Rocks
Why Choose Me?

You see when a work is done in the finest way. I work with passion and love and my goal is always to offer the best in terms of quality.


30 years of experience in the field of visual arts, dozens of exhibitions throughout Europe and distinctions from around the world.


My works are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, which attests that the painting has been performed entirely by hand.


Customers are protected from the purchase to the arrival of the item. Shipments insured and tracked. Traceability 24/7 for any problem.

Now it's Up to You!
Interested in a portrait?

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 Choose the size of the portrait
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