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Cat portrait
Portrait of Chiquita

Today I show you a small cat portrait on a canvas panel just finished. This artwork kept me busy for a whole week. During this lockdown I didn’t stop and I continued to work on commissions and new ideas.

This painting is for Shannon, from United States. Her beloved kittie Chiquita is the undisputed queen of the house! I am also finishing a second painting of the same size with her two more cats, Grayson and Macy, which I plan to share on the blog in the next days.

I wish you all a spring as peaceful as possible, hoping this period of limitations, induced terror and disturbing doubts will soon turn into a bad memory. Stay safe my friends, I love you all!

If you’re interested in a pet portrait please don’t hesitate to contact me attaching some good pictures. I will reply you soon with a detailed quote. You can also visit this page for further information.

Project Details

Date of Creation: May 2020
Medium: acrylic on canvas panel
Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches

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