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Hand painted hare rock painting art by Roberto Rizzo
Hand painted hare on a sea stone
Project Description

Some days ago, I found a very strange-shaped rock. After a quick study, I decided to turn it into a running hare! It was very difficult to ‘trap’ it in the space of the stone, the preparatory sketch in pencil took me a long time. Do you like it? Leave your comment!

Project Details

Date of Creation: May 2017
Medium: acrylic on rock
Dimensions: 6 inches

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  1. Your work is quite amazing! What advice would you give to a fellow rock artist trying to become as successful in her work as you? What marketing techniques have you found to work the best?

  2. Hi Hope, thanks for your comment! My ‘success’ is a combination of different factors: an online presence of over 25 years, focused campaigns in social media marketing, a manual in which I teach how to paint on rocks and above all a strong desire to improve myself, day after day.

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