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Roberto Rizzo
Roberto Rizzo

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Roberto Rizzo was born in Naples, Italy. Now he lives and works in southern Spain. After classical studies he attended the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan and worked as an illustrator for various publishing houses. Since 1996, part of his artistic activity has been dedicated to rock painting art and in 2004, he published the manual ‘Sassi Dipinti‘ which has received a remarkable editorial success.

His creative brilliance, paired with his professionalism, has made him one of the most respected artists in the contemporary art scene. Within a thirty-year career Roberto has ranged from naturalist illustrations to wildlife art. His paintings are appreciated worldwide and are always more demanded. The artist receives appreciation from all over the world and its website has over five thousand visit a month.

What Can I Do For You?

With many years of experience in creating traditionally hand painted pet portraits on commission and original art, you’ll appreciate the high level of service you’ll receive, from our initial contact right through to the safe worldwide delivery. What are you waiting for? Contact me and order your own painting today!

Manual & Tutorials

My book was published by Mondadori in 2004 and achieved a great success in Italy. It was entirely devoted to the rock painting art world. I explained the process step-by-step, from collecting the right shaped stone right to the final touches. It was reprinted several times. Unfortunately, at present, it is no longer available in bookstores.

I’ve been receiving requests of new painting tutorials from all over the world and I’ve been working on a few ebook projects which will be downloadable from my new shop soon. Teaching is a charming activity but it requires a lot of time and dedication, so please, try to be patient and don’t forget to check all my updated news on my blog!

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Bored Panda
Design Swan

The artist has always been fascinated by the animal kingdom that was a source of inspiration for the most significant tales that counterpoint, the story of all humanity. He continues his mission of a modern and subtle storyteller, showing himself sometimes biting and sometimes condescending, often poignant, sometimes seraphic, but always lyrical storyteller of incidents, situations and stories. As in literature Aesop, Phaedrus, Jean de La Fontaine attributed vices and virtues of animals to tell our life, its flow and its contradictions, so Rizzo – in painting – often humanizes them and sometimes privileges their point of view for what he wants to describe, using and mixing the symbolism that accompanies the animal world to particular moments of history, through the inner and ancient meaning of tales.

Giulio Carosone

The painting of Roberto Rizzo is crisp, bright, hyper but not cold and unfriendly. Unlike his highly romantic and passionate mood, he embraces the best Neapolitan painting tradition and reminds us of the rich Baroque naturalism of Recco and Ruoppolo. At times you can see the hot primordial symbolism of his native land. His creations reveal a painting technique of first order, which also slightly reminds the magical metaphysical De Chirico, the dreamlike and surreal Magritte, the techniques of Dalí, and the meticulous graphic style of Escher.

Vincenzo Perna

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My Music

Creating music is another one of my significant passions. With my band, we have been releasing vibrant Italian pop songs since 1994.

Our tracks are sung by me and arranged and performed alongside my friend Lorenzo Bettelli. Here’s the link to our official Spotify.

Illusione e Disillusione
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