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Hand painted cats on rocks by Rizzo
Portrait of Nell

A new painted rock cat is just finished and ready to fly to Canada! Are you interested in a pet portrait? Visit this page for further information!

Project Details

Date of Creation: March 2017
Medium: acrylic on rock
Dimensions: 10 inches

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  1. I ordered a painted stone for my kitty Nell. The rock portrait is really identical to my cat’s picture. When I got it at home I was so amazed to see that the rock looked so much like Nell! And the expression of her eyes is really who she is. Again, I did not expect to get such a wonderful result when I ordered this portrait. Roberto is such an amazing artist! I can’t say more than: go for it! I live in Canada and Roberto in Europe. We did everything online and the payment was really secured and I encountered no problem all along the process. We have two cats: Nell and Peps. The result for Peps is as wonderful as the one we got for Nell. So, go and order yours!

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