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Black and white cat portrait commission
Merlin the Cat

This gorgeous black and white cat is called Merlin. I just completed his portrait in acrylic on a 5-inch-sized rock. Now the artwork is ready to fly to Pierette in Switzerland.

If you want to place an order, please fill out this form, attach some pictures of your pet and choose the size. I’ll do the rest! You just have to wait a few weeks to get your unique hand-painted rock portrait!

Project Details

Date of Creation: May 2017
Medium: acrylic on rock
Dimensions: 5 inches

Order now!

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  1. Dear Roberto, I got the painted stones yesterday. Incredible! They are fantastic! Expecially Merlin and Roadi are like real. Thank you so much! And be aware: I have seven more cats…I will order a rock for everyone!

    Warm regards, Pierette

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