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Cat painting on canvas
Portrait of Mushu

Mushu has a cloudy eye, but it’s a wonderful cat! Don’t you think she’s lovely? I just finished this portrait on an 8 x 8 inch deep edge canvas for Mirian. I used oil colors this time for a softer result. Thank you very much for your purchase, Mirian! Please don’t forget to leave your comment!

I ship this painting unframed, but the artwork is stretched and ready to hang. It will be professionally packaged in custom-made boxes and shipped insured. Are you interested in a pet portrait? Visit this page for all the information and prices, and read the terms and conditions.

Project Details

Date of Creation: June 2017
Medium: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches

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  1. I xhave to say that this portrait of Mushu blew me away. I asked Roberto to paint my kitty as she is very very special to me, as several years ago, she saved my life and I consider her my ‘soul cat’. The portrait is beyond amazing. I think this kind of cats are harder to render because of their fur, but Roberto not only captured every variation in color, he even captured one important thing about Mushu…her split on her face in not exactly in the middle, it is slightly on one side. Not to mention the expression of her face and the look. That is the look that Mushu gives me. I honestly can say that Roberto will not only capture the way your cat looks physically but also the soul of the cat (or any other pet). Bravissimo Roberto, è molto bello…tante grazie!!!!!

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