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Dog Portrait Rock
Portrait of Zoe

A new rock portrait just finished! This is Zoe, a dog much loved by its mistress, who certainly didn’t expect this gift!

The painting was commissioned by Maurizio who provided me with several photos of Zoe to better capture her expressiveness and thus make her friend a pleasant surprise.

In the last few months, the close-up portraits have enjoyed great success. Unlike the full-body ones, they are made on flat stones and therefore perfect as paperweights. If you are interested and would like to receive a free quote, contact me!

Project Details

Date of Creation: November 2021
Medium: acrylic on rock
Dimensions: 5 inches

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  1. I love all your artworks, but this one from Zoe is truly remarkable! The love for animals and capturing them in great detail is really pouring out, amazing.
    I wonder which materials you use?

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