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Samoyed dog portrait
Portrait of a Samoyed Dog

I wish a wonderful Sunday to all my supporters! I painted this Samoyed dog portrait some years ago on a medium sized sea rock…do you like it?

Project Details

Date of Creation: November 2015
Medium: acrylic on rock
Dimensions: 7 inches

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  1. This is an A#1 seller! THE BEST! My package didn’t arrive so I wrote him to let him know & if he could figure out what happened. Very quickly he got back to me that it was stuck at customs and could take months to arrive. So he asked them to return it to him while he painted a new one for me “Even better than the first and larger too”, which he then paid extra out of his own pocket to have it FedExed to me in four days!!! I have never had a seller go to so much trouble to not only help me find out what had happened to my original purchase, but to then go to the trouble to paint a bigger/better one for me and then pay extra for it to get to me so quickly!!! I can’t speak highly enough of this seller!!!! And I thank him so much for all he did for me. Speaks volumes of the kind of person he is. You won’t be disappointed here.

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