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Painted Rocks Elephants
Two African Elephants

I really like painting elephants but I need rare shaped rocks to work on them. First of all it is essential to identify a curve to accommodate the movement of the proboscis. It is also necessary to find a voluminous stone, to respect the proportions of the pachyderm.

Elephants symbolizes power, wisdom, memory, temperance and Christian love that reject sin. So much has been written about this magnificent and regal animal over the millennia.

According to tradition, an elephant with its trunk up brings good luck as it drives out the hidden enemy. Many people asked me for one and I don’t exclude painting it when I’ll find the right rock.

These two African elephants have two different sizes and they are available on my Etsy shop. For further information and to purchase them please click here!

Project Details

Date of Creation: October 2017
Medium: acrylic on rocks
Dimensions: 6 inches | 5 inches

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  1. When I first saw my Siamese cat painted on a sea stone, I was astonished at the realistic portrayal. I was more impressed upon receiving and holding it my hand. It exceeded my expectations. Well done Roberto! This will be a treasured item in our memories of life. The service was professional and timely. No reservations recommending neither the artist or the service.

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