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Cats portrait
Ziggy and Zaggy

I have just finished a painting on canvas for my friend Scott, who lives in the United States. I portrayed his two Ragdoll cats together, which Scott adores and keep him great company.

As you can see, besides the areas of different colored fur, the expression of the felines is also very distinct from each other. This makes us understand that, just like with humans, there are remarkable differences among animals too.

If you want to order me a custom portrait visit this page or contact me attaching some photos of your pet.

Project Details

Date of Creation: July 2023
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 16 x 12 inches

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  1. Dear Roberto,
    my cleaning ladies just brought in the package, STUNNING!
    I unpacked it and Zaggy and Buzz were mesmerized with it, they could not stop staring at it, we were laughing so hard.
    I can’t thank you enough my friend. It’ll be off to the framer tomorrow to get a matching frame. It will hang next to your other masterpiece.

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